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Honey Robber Game

Hungry honey bears are on the job. Click "Play" button when the game is ready. If you play this game first time, only first chapter will be open. Select the chapter and start the game. The objective of the game is protecting your honey from honey-loving bears. All controls are executed by only your "Mouse". You can shoot further more, according to your cursor's position. Put your cursor as far as possible to realize longer shootings. Fire with left click after you adjust shooting power and your target.

Let's give you some hints about this funny game in Twoplayergames.org portal: If you shoot towards to thorn-filled area, your watermelon will explode. Additionally, your score decreases in every second. So, you must act fast. And you will earn low points, according to your weak shootings. Don't use your watermelons much, when you're trying to make high speed shootings. If you break honeypots, your score will decrease too. Game will be getting harder chapter by chapter. Some chapters have several kinds of elements that you can use like bouncing tables, etc. You can benefit from these objects when you need easily.

Check shooting number, how much score you have and current chapter number from the indicators existed on left top during the game. You can use "Menu" button to turn back main menu, "Select Level" button to login chapter selection menu and "Reset" button to restart each chapter quickly. Also, you can on/off game sounds and music from the buttons based on right top. And the a special button; you can design a custom chapter with "Editor" button existed in main menu.

We wish all our players fun.

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