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Super Mario Crossover 2 Game

You have played two player Mario games or single player Mario games on We are so sure that you have never played such a Super Mario game before. In this Super Mario Bros. Crossover game, you will not only play with Mario and Luigi but also so many different characters which have different features from each other. You do not need to wait more to start this awesome game. Then let's get started!

After the game loading is completed, you can appear the main menu by clicking game screen or pressing any key. Use "ARROW KEYS" to navigate main menu and press "Z" key to make a selection. Select "NEW GAME". You can set your game's features with the screen which includes game options such as "MAP SET" or "MAP DIFFICULTY" etc. Select "MORE SETTINGS" to see more settings. After you done with game settings, select "START GAME" to proceed character select screen. Select your favorite character and your character's skin, to start to game.

The game controls are as follows:
Jump: "Z"
Fire: "C"

Special power: This feature is not supported by all characters, only some of them have this power. If you have a character which has this power, you can use it by pressing "C" key.
Change weapon: This feature is not supported by all characters, only some of them have this feature. If you have a character which has this feature, you can change the weapon of it by pressing "A" key.

Here is few important info about the game; while you are playing, you can pause your game by pressing "ENTER" key. If you want to save your current game, select "LOAD/SAVE" option and then select "SAVE" option to save it somewhere in your computer. You can load it back by following "LOAD GAME" option on main menu or "LOAD/SAVE>LOAD", during the game.

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Have fun!

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