10 More Bullets Game

How many ship could you shoot with ten bullet? One? Ten? One Hundred? Or thousands? Maybe you will be surprised but you can shoot thousands of ships with ten bullet in this game. How? Let's get started without loosing time!

Having the game is loaded, click on "ARCADE" button to play single or, click on "2 PLAYER" button to play as two player. There are four game mode on two player game mode. Let's talk about them shortly:

MODE CLASSIC: It is cut-and-dry classical game mode.
MODE FAMINE: It is a game mode which is consisted by few ship and directed to masters.
MODE TURBO: This game mode overs in ten seconds and there are plenty of ships.
MODE ONE BULLET: Normally you have ten bullet, but in this game mode, you will have one bullet.

After you select the game mode, you can start to game. Single player game mode is played by "MOUSE". You can use "SPACE-BAR" key alternatively. On two player game mode, the first player uses "X" key and second player uses "K" key. On each ship you hit, the bullets will spread around by increasing in number. By this way, you can shoot many ships by one bullet. The important point is to shoot the right ship. After then leave it to chance.

Your co-pilot will pick up the bonuses and coins which are dropped by the ships that you hit. You can upgrade your ship by the coins that you earn between chapters and you can buy extra co-pilot. During the game, you can go back to main menu by clicking on "EXIT" button located lower-left side of the game screen, you can pause the game by pressing on "P" key or clicking on "PAUSE" button. For the most interesting and entertaining games like this, we suggest you to follow our web site. Have fun!

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