Bomb Bugs Game

We are presenting you to two legend game's united versions which are Bomberman and Snow Bros. On the one hand, while you are campaigning against to bugs with your buddy, on the other hand you will have quite the blast! If you are ready, let's get started!

When the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button to proceed main menu. Click on "PLAY" button on main menu and select the difficulty of the game. If it is your first time in this game, only "Normal" game mode will be allowed. Then set the player number and start to game.

1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Throwing Bomb: "C"
Dropping Bomb: "V"

2nd Player:
Throwing Bomb: ","
Dropping Bomb: "."

Here is few tips about the game to be helpful about playing; don't throw bombs to your friend and run away from the bombs which you drop otherwise it may hurt you. By blowing up the chests which are placed inside of game levels, you can collect features and you can turn into different characters such as rabbits or dragons etc. Also the more diamond you collect, the more point you get. Flags are checkpoints. If you die after you touch the flag, you start playing near of the flag which you touch.

During the game, with the buttons which are located upper right side of the game screen, respectively; pause the game, you can go to "OPTIONS" menu and you can mute or unmute the game sound. If you want, you can reduce video quality from "OPTIONS" menu. Have fun!

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