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Bothobot Fighters Game

A great fighting game begins with the bots. You can participate a championship with them or you can make quick matches. And the best part is that you can participate the championship as two player. There will ten fighter be with you this game. Select one and participate the championship against your friend and see who is going to be the winner of it. Let the fighting begin!

Game controls:
Player 1:
Move: “W,A,S,D”
Kick: “N”
Punch: “B”
Special: “V”
Block: “SPACE”
Jump Attack: “W+N”
Low punch: “S+B”
Low kick: “S+N”

Player 2:
Punch: “O”
Special: “I”
Kick: “P”
Low punch: “O+DOWN ARROW”
Jump attack: “P+UP ARROW”
Low kick: “P+DOWN ARROW”
Block: “L”

Have fun!

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