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Bounty Hunting Rabbits Game

Two happy rabbits went on a wonderful journey over the clouds. They are collecting the golds coins on their way and are heading to be rich as they go. But there are some obstacles along the way which are monsters and gaps. Would you help them? In this game which you can play with your friend, you will witness happy moments.

After the game is loaded press the button on the top to start the game. Here are the key combinations:

Movement: "W, A, S, D"

Movement: "ARROW KEYS"

Let's give you some information about the game: To advance in the game both players need to go to the same direction. Also values like energy and gold are shared for both players. If a player falls down the gaps the other player is counted dead as well and you will need to start all over again. Try to play a cooperated game. Have fun.

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