Dino Basketball Game

Here comes both realistic and entertaining basketball game. This game has Also twosome game mode either. You will have a tight compete with your friend and you will lose track of time while playing.

After the game is loaded, click on "CONTINUE" button to proceed main menu. You can start playing after you specify game mode and pick characters. On "TOURNAMENT" game mode, you can join a tournament consists of elimination, quarterfinal, semifinal, final matches. On "SCORE GAME" mode, you will have 60 secs. On "VS" mode, you can compete with your friends and you can see who is the best player. The game is played by "MOUSE". After you set shooting angle, use "LEFT-CLICK" and shoot.

You can increase your scoring a basket chance by making a curved shot instead of shooting hard. On "TOURNAMENT" game mode, each player has five shooting right. If your score is equal your rival's score at the end of the game, you and your rival will have extra shot right, and it will go on like that until one of you score a basket.

During the game, by clicking on buttons located on upper right side of the game screen, respectively, you can go back to the previous menu and you can mute or unmute the game sound and music. If you want to play this superb basketball game with your friends, you can share it's link on your Facebook profile. Please don't forget to take a look at best sport games on our web site. Have fun!

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