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Flash Bash Game

Flash Bash which became one of the best fighting game on flash game world with it's quality and super fighters, is on Two player games! With eight different fighter and so many alternative fight options which are more than five, get prepare to spread fear to your rivals! You can come up to your expectations more than enough with this game. If you want, you can play it as twosome. Call you buddy to start another two player fighting game on twoplayergames.org!

After the game is loaded, click "PLAY" button located on the bottom of the game screen. You can proceed to main menu by clicking game screen or pressing "ENTER" key. You can play the game as single by clicking "1 PLAYER" button. To play as twosome, click "2 PLAYER" button. After you decide on choice, you can play the game in two different modes by following "Quick Arcade" or "Challenge" buttons. After you select one of them, select your fighters to start to play.

Game controls are as follows:
1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Punch: "J"
Kick: "K"

2nd Player:
Punch: "ALT"
Kick: "CTRL"

Press the direction key two times by consideringly the direction you want to glide.

With the "PRACTICE" button which appears after you click "1 PLAYER" button, you can join the practice fights. Each fighter has different fighting style and fighting technique such as combo attacks etc. You can learn fighting techniques of each fighter by clicking "MOVE LIST" button.

You can set the game difficulty by clicking "Difficulty" button located on main menu. You can set the game quality by clicking "Quality" button. With "Rounds and Time" buttons, you can set the fight rounds and time and round rules.

While you are fighting, you can pause the game or appeal the menu by pressing "ENTER" key.

Have fun!

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