Gallows 3 Game

Here we are again with the game, Gallow 3, which is the combination of Hangman and your sharpshooting skills. In this version, there are lots of improvements waiting for you. The game "Gallows" is here on with it's third (3rd) version...

When the game loads press "PLAY" button. If it's your first time playing the game only the first level will be available to play. Choose your level and start the game. Game is played with "MOUSE". Aim to the ropes of the hanging people and throw your arrow. All people has their health shown on them. By the time passes the health goes bad. That's why you need to save people as fast as you can.

More detailed information about the game: There are some bonuses in some levels. If you can hit them with your arrows it will give you some boost. More arrows, pointed arrows, fire arrows, points and more.. Find out about them in the game.

You can turn on and off the music and sound of the game or restart the level by clicking the icons on the top-right corner. To go to main menu click "MENU" button. Thank you for choosing us and have fun here as always.

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