Gallows Game

The legendary game, which we drew on paper and played when we were younger, Hangman is here with a different version on Originally we try to save the man by guessing the letters and find the hidden word, but now we are trying to save him with darts. Of course you should hit the rope which the man is hanging, not the man itself. Are you ready?

The game start the moment you click "PLAY" button. Adjust the angle of the darts which their place is changing every level and click with the "MOUSE". If you succeed to hit the rope you can move on to the next level by clicking on the "NEXT LEVEL" button. The further you go the harder the levels become. It will be hard to hit the ropes because of the obstacles. You need to save the men fast. Remaining time will be shown over the men. If you hit the men by mistake your time will get lowered. That's why you need to be fast and careful.

You can go back to the main menu by clicking the "MENU" button. And with the "RESET" button you can restart that level. Good luck!

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