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Hulk Game

After Hulk has been loaded, click "Skip" on the footer menu and pres "Start Game" in start menu. There are 2 different modes in the game, "Arcade" and "Challange". Game will ask you which mode you want to play. In Arcade Mode you have 1 minute time limit and you can jump as much as you want and destroy the robots as much as you can. Choose mode and start the game. Controls of this game are so easy. Press left mouse click and fill the jumping chart as much as you can then stop pressing to realize the big jumping! You can navigate your Hulk in the sky with your mouse after jumping. Your aim is crushing robots and going towards to top of the sky. If you crush more than one robot in 1 time you makes double up and gets double up bonus. If you get double up, you earn 2x more point until the double up chart on the Hulk gets empty. Your point gets upper whenever you get more double ups. There will be shown the crushed robots count when you fall down to floor. If you want to down the music click speaker icon and click pause to break the game. Good crushes! :)

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