Jewel's Hero Game

How about fighting by using your mind? In this game, your intelligence and reflex ability will head from to your power. If you are ready for bitter struggle, let's begin!

Having the game is loaded, click on "CONTINUE" button to proceed main menu. You can proceed to next menu by clicking on "PLAY" button. Then click on "TOURNAMENT" button to enter from the door which opens to tough tournaments. Right after, you should select a character. You can select any character you want from the list which consists of Mage, Elf, Orc and Warrior. Each character has different features. Specify the best features you like and then specify the special powers then click on "FIGHT" button to start to game.

Game is played by "MOUSE". If you combine three or more blocks of same shape, you can do attack or defense in sort of block which you combine.

Red Blocks: Give an edge to anger. If you destroy three or more red blocks, you hit more powerful.
Orange Blocks: You character attacks normal.
Blue Blocks: Gives you mana.
Purple Blocks: You can make special attacks if your mana is enough.
Pink Blocks: Counters enemy's attack.
Green Blocks: Gives you health.

Here is some hints about the game; if you match four blocks in a row, you will have extra turn. If you match five blocks in a row, you will have extra turn and you will have a chance to blast a bomb to destroy nine blocks.

During the game, you can use your special powers which you have chose before starting game, located on below of your character. If you want to pause the game or go back to main menu, you can click on "MENU" button located on top side of the game screen. If you don't make a move in thirty seconds, you loose your turn. Good luck!

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