King Triton's Tournament Game

Here's a lovely struggle with King Triton and mermaid. After game has been loaded you can start with "Character Selection" button or you can take a look game information from "How to Play" section. When you click character selection button you will choose your favourite character from following screen to begin the game. You can control first player with "Arrow Keys" and use special power with "Enter" key. And you can control second player with "S,E,F" keys and use special power with "Space" key. Touch seals to transform them into mussels, starfish and pick them up to earn points. You can check your point and your lifes from the line that your profile picture existed on. Be careful, you're not alone with seals in the sea. You'll encounter with enemies who want to harm you. You can battle with them or hide yourself until they left the area. hopes you have fun.

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