Kingdom Rush Game

How about playing a perfect strategy game? Click on the "Start" and "Play" button respectively after the game loaded. Then you will enter the record section. If you are playing for the first time, select your place, by pressing on any "New Game" buttons located on the right side, but if you are not playing for the first time go on your recorded game by clicking on "Start Here" button. Then set the difficulty level from the drop-down menu, and then initiated the game using "To Battle" button. When the game starts "Description Menu" will appear. You can turn off the comments with "Skip This" button. The game is played only with " Mouse".

Your goal in the game to perform diffirent types of strategic battles for enemies and destroy them. Barracks, archers, wisards, pushers... In addition after you win the sections, will given you stars. You can buy extra powers between the sections with these stars. There are soldier buttons using re-filled rain fire during the game. It will be your adventage by using these fire extras in the most appropriate time.

Now let's give you a few tips: Cannonballs are effective against high-powered enemies, the military barracks and against airborn enemies, archers, wisards... In additon, there are extra buildings in some sections rare. You can strengthen your defence and attack by using these. Stare at the upper left side in the case of health and money. You can return to main menu, enter the settings, "Play" and "Pause" the game with the buttons located at the upper right side.

Wish you have fun!

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