London 2012 Game

We publish you the Olympics version of the game Track & Field which produced by Konami and we used to play on NES platform of atari games. As you know, in the game there are olympic games. You have a chance to play these games which you used to play with a game pad, with your keyboards. Moreover, you canplay 2 players mode as in the atari.

When game loads, click on "START" button. Then if you want to play alone choose "OLYMPIC MODE" else if you want to play 2 Players mode click on "VERSUS MODE" and type of race. If you like, you can see the key combinations from "HOW TO PLAY" before the game.

Let's talk about the types of race:"FENCING" is a Swordplay. If you achive to touch your opponent 4 times, you beat your opponent."HURDLE" is steeplechase and you join a steeplechase. You need to beat other 2 opponents. If you like swimming as a sports you can choose "SWIMMING". You have only one opponent in this race.

Would you like to join these exciting combats, do not wait for a long time. Have Fun

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