Raccoon Jump Game

Little raccoons have started preparing for winter and they need your help for winterizing. Father raccoon's has embarked on an adventure in dangerous places of forest, to pick yummiest fruits. If you want, you can include mother raccoon's to this adventure by calling your buddy and you can play this game as two player.

After the game is loaded, you will proceed to main menu automatically. You can play this game in two different mode as single player and two player. To play as single player, click "1-PLAYER" button. To play as two player, click "2-PLAYER" button. Your goal is to pick fruits and by this way you should climb up as much as you can.

Game controls are the following:
1st Player:
To use the power-ups, press "UP ARROW KEY"

2nd Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
To use the power-ups, press "W" key.

After you failed, click "RETRY" button to proceed upgrades menu. You can upgrade your character's features and you can buy new features by spending coins that you collect. Click "PLAY" button to go back to game. At the same time you can collect power-ups during climbing during game.

With the buttons located on upper-right side of the game screen, from right to left, you can mute the game sound, you can pause the game and if you wish, by clicking "MENU" button, you can proceed to main menu.

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