Robin Hood and TreasuresRobin Hood and Treasures Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 557 votes.

Robin Hood and Treasures Game

Robin Hood is ready for helping the poor people. In order to achieve this, first of all you need to load money bags to the cart. In this part, it is also required to show your sighting ability. Click "Play" button from game menu and select chapter from the map in the following screen. If you play this game at first time, click chapter 1 to start hunting. If you play this game before, select your last chapter to continue your journey. Control our hero with your "Mouse" to aim and adjust the firing power. There are 30 different sections which have different configurations and systems. Just load money bags into the cart and skip level by using your aiming ability and your intelligence. It is required to perform all processes within the following time with Robin, otherwise you can't pass next sections. hopes you have fun.

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