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Rocket Toilet 2 Game

The game character who lives at stone age, hit on a good idea after he saw the stone wheel. He shares his idea with his friend and then they build up an flinging machine. Owing to this machine, the hero can fly aways and make his dreams come true. Do you fell ready to fly from stone age to the present day with the Rocket Toilet 2?

Click "START" button. You can forward the game into by clicking "NEXT" button, or by clicking "SKIP" button you can skip it. Click "LET'S PLAY" button to start to game.

Game controls are as follows:
You can move the launcher by using your "MOUSE".
To launch Rocket Toilet, use "LEFT-CLICK".
While Rocket Toilet is in the air, you can balance it by pressing "A,D" or "LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS".
After you launch it, by clicking on toilet you can use it's flush feature to get more speed in the air.

You can buy power-ups to your toilet by using "SHOP" screen which appears after every launch is completed. You can go back to launcher by clicking "LAUNCH AGAIN".

Have fun!

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