Rocket Toilet Game

We are presenting to lovers of launching games a very interesting launching game. Do you want to take part in this interesting adventure with WC hero? Let's blow this closet as far as possible with its hero!

Click those buttons respectively; "PLAY" and "START GAME" buttons then start to play. Game is played with "MOUSE". After you set the launch angle of the closet, "LEFT-CLICK" to blow it away. You can use the acceleration bonuses during your flight with clicking on WC hero.

After every flight, you earn some money. Click "UPGRADE" button to go "WC PERFORMANCE SHOP". If you collect a million dollars, you can buy the secret performance upgrade. You can go back to game with "LAUNCH" button.

During the game, you can mute the game sound, set the game quality with the buttons which are located on lower-left corner of the game screen, sequentially from left to right

Have fun!

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