A great adventure starts in a dungeon which pullulate with lavas and dangerous things. And, if you want, you can participate this adventure up to four players and you can make this adventure much more exciting by playing it with your friends. To escape from the dungeons, you should destroy the guards and should pass the dangerous obstacles. If you move by cooperating with your friends, you can move much more easy in dungeon. Then, call your friends now and let the adventure begin!

Controls of Players:

Single player game mode:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Attack: "LEFT-CLICK" and "SPACE"
Defense: "RIGHT-CLICK"

Multi-player game mode:
1st Player:
Attack: "Z,C"
Defense: "X"

2nd Player:
Move: "R,D,F,G"
Attack: "Q,S"
Defense: "S"

3rd Player:
Move: "O,K,L"
Attack: "Y,J"
Defense: "J"

4th Player:
Move: "2,4,6,8" (Num Keyboard)
Attack: "B,M"
Defense: "N"

Have fun!

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