Test Subject Arena 2 Game

 What about testing yourself on interesting and entertaining battlefields? You can see how much you are talented and fast by this game. This game includes twosome game mode besides single player game mode. If you are ready too, let's get started!

When the game is loaded, click on button shaped as arrow to proceed and specify the numbers of players. After then, pick your character and start to game. Point to take into account in this game is, the characters features. You should pick your character by considering their features such as movement speed and burst. Here are the controls of the game:

1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Shoot: "Q"

2nd Player:
Shoot: ","

Here are few tips about the game; you can use teleportation places to reach your target fast and to use your time well in game. Some characters stick on ceiling. You can shoot them by jumping and shooting on them simultaneously. Don't forget to take care of your time in game.

You can restart the current level by pressing on "R" key when you need, while playing. You can pause the game by pressing on "P" key. To mute or unmute the game sounds or go back to main menu, it is enough to click on button located on upper right side of the game screen. Keep playing on our web site to play best flash games. Have fun!

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