Warlords Epic Conflict Game

It isn't possible to write this great war game's all enjoyable sides but we are going to write some of its enjoyable sides. Many different soldiers and a huge war map. The castles that you need to conquer by using different strategies and much more then we wrote. And one more thing, you can play this game as two player either. Battle against your buddy and don't forget to find out the other enjoyable sides of this superb war game.

Having the game is loaded, click on "Play Warlords: Epic Conflict" button. On main menu, you can set the game setting from options menu. You can play this game in two different mode as "Single Player" and "2 Player" mode.

After you click on "Single Player" button, you can start a new game by clicking on "NEW CAMPAIGN" button or you can play another game modes which are "Survival Mode and Quick Battle" mode. You can find the other modes of the game by clicking on "Extra Modes" button but you need to complete few game level first. After you click on "NEW CAMPAIGN", you can specify the difficulty of the game. If you want you can skip the game intro by clicking on "CONTINUE" button located on lower-right corner of the game screen. Then, select your race and click on "CONTINUE" button. Select a level and then click on "START BATTLE" button to start to game.

You can select the warrior that you want to create by clicking on icons located on upper-left side of the game screen. And then you can create them by clicking on a line which seems when you move your move over map. You can see the health of your enemy from the indicator which is located on upper side of the game screen. When your soldier passes the enemy's country's border, your enemy's health decreases. When the health is over, you win the game.

After you win the war, click on "CONTINUE" button. You can upgrade your soldiers from "UPGRADE ARMY". You can buy or sell soldiers or staffs from "Buy/Sell Units". You can upgrade your special power from "UPGRADE SPECIAL POWER" screen. You can go level select screen by clicking on "CONTINUE" button.

If you select "2 PLAYER" game mode, you will see two options which are "NEW CAMPAIGN" and "QUICK" battle. Select whichever you want to play with your buddy and proceed to level select screen. Select a level and then start to game.

Game controls:
On Single Player game mode:
Use your "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK"
Special attacks: "Q,E"

2 Player game mode:
1st Player:
You can define the line by "W,S" keys.
You can select the soldier by "A,D" keys.
You can create the soldiers by "SPACE-BAR" key.
Special attack: "Q,E"

2nd Player:
You can define the line by "UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS" keys.
You can select the soldier by "LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS" keys.
You can create the soldiers by "ENTER" key.
Special attack: "I,O"

During the battle, using the buttons located on upper-right side of the game screen from left to right; you can surrender and you can pause the game, and you can mute or unmute the game sound and music.

Have fun!

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