Zoo Dodgem Game

Would you like to play a game like bunper cars with your friends? This awesome game which is inspired by the legendary game of old times Carmageddon, you can not understand how time passed.

After game loads, access the main menu with "CONTINUE" button. Then click "PLAY" button and select the number of players. You can click "1 PLAYER" for a single game or "2 PLAYER" for a two players game.nAfter them all, choose your character and start to fight. Game controls are as follows:

Move: "W, A, S, D"
Attack: "SPACEBAR"

Attack: "PAGEDOWN"

If you want to change game controls, you can set them by clicking "SETTINGS" when you are at the main menu. You can get items to damage your enemies like rockets, mines if you get the secret boxes with question marks. Pay attention not to crash anywhere like trees, fences. This leads to damage yourself too much.

You can see the winners and loosers when time ends. You can watch the time from top-left corner of the game. You can pause the game, return to the main menu in sequence with the help of buttons at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Moreover you can turn on/off the game's music with the help of button at the top-right corner. Stay with us for the best games. Good Luck.

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