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Global Rage

Global Rage


5 Fighters, each one is the best of his continent, came to meet the ultimate challange the Global Rage, where only the best get to fight for the title of Rage Master.

Player 1 Keys :
Go Left : Z
Go Right : C
Jump : S
Crouch : X
Punch : E
Low Punch : X,E
Cick : D
Duck Cick : X,D
Defense : W
Hell's Cick : S,D
Ranged Weapon : Q
Player 2 Keys :
Go Left : Left Key
Go Right : Right Key
Jump : Up Key
Crouch : Down Key
Punch : Home
Low Punch : Down,Home
Cick : End
Duck Cick : Down,End
Defense : Page Up
Hell's Cick : Up,End
Ranged Weapon : insert


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