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Angry Soccer

Angry Soccer

What do you think of living excitement with your rival while the world cup tournament's thrill is holding countries? 14 national teams from 6 continents are waiting for you at our Angry Soccer game. Start the game with the "PLAY" button. Just after starting, you can choose your countries mutually with "Player1" and "Player2" sections.

When you start the game again with "PLAY" button, you can prefer one of the choices of "Grass Field", "Sand Field" or "Wooden Field". In Sand Field the game gets harder and in Wooden Field it gets easier. Before you start the game, you can determine the time from 1 minute to 5 minutes by using (-) and (+) qualities. To turn off the music in the game, you can use "M" button and to pause the game you can use "P" button.

The controls of the game are below;

Player 1:
Dribbling: "W"
Move to right: "D"
Move to left: "A"
Shooting: "Space"

Player 2:
Dribbling: "Up arrow key"
Move to right: "Right arrow key"
Move to left: "Left arrow key"
Shooting: "K"

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