About Us

Two Player Games is an Estonian startup web portal initiative of RHM Interactive OÜ established in 2008 with the aim of gathering up the games freely offering multiplayer support with HTML5, Flash and Shockwave technologies. Our site is the first and most comprehensive 2-person game site in the world. Two Player Games which wins recognition of its visitors for its unique content, design and games keeps and continues its quality level.

The professional team of Two Player Games, filters the contents that may negative effects on the children's conscience and psychological development from the internet sources for the site users and follows a sensitive policy on this issue. Therefore, the contents in which the elements of violence, blood, sexuality, politics and fear come to the forefront are not kept in our portal. In addition to content control, we always keep the advertisements featured in our site under control as well, and if there occurs an environment that will create an negative situation for our visitors, we make necessary works for the negative situation to be removed by making contact with our advertisement publishers on this matter.

(If you come across any negative situation in our site in spite of all these efforts, please let us know via our communication channels as soon as possible.)

RHM Interactive OÜ
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