Dragon Fist 3
Dragon Fist 3

Dragon Fist 3

Dragon Fist 3

The 3rd version of the Dragon Fist game has been published in the TwoPlayerGames.org portal, with the "Kung Fu" fighting style that everyone likes. Are you ready for a hard struggle to be a champion with lightning-fast punches and kicks? You can use the most special "Kung Fu" martial arts techniques to beat and defuse your opponents. And also, special "Ninja" weapons will help you at the same time.

To play this game as 2 players, select the "2 Player" section from the game menu. Analyze kung fu masters' attributes and select your favorite fighter. When the second player completes his selection, the game starts immediately.

Game Controls:

1st Player (On the Left):
Movements Keys: "W, A, S, D"
Action Keys: "T, Y, U"
Special Hit: "T+Y"
Weapon Take Out: "S+U"

2nd Player (On the Right):
Movement Keys: "Arrow Keys"
Action Keys: "4, 5, 6" (Numeric Keypad)
Special Hit: "4+5"
Weapon Take Out: "Down Arrow Key + 6"

Create your special strategy, use your energy efficiently, and defeat your enemy! We hope you have fun.