Knock Off

Knock Off

Knock Off is an action-packed skill game where you have to test all your wits against a very distinctive and fun set of game mechanics. At its core, the idea in this game is simple, you need to use the ball in order to knock off all the cubes from the board.

The trick is that board size and height changes, and you will have more and more cubes. You also have a very limited amounts of balls, so you need to pay a lot of attention to how you play and manage everything if you want to win.

Knock Off always provides great challenges and it encourages you to push the boundaries while enjoying a pleasant and fun set of game mechanics. All you have to do with Knock Off is to eliminate all cubes from the board and move on. Every level gets increasingly difficult, so you just have to test and improve your skills as much a possible if you want to win.

Give Knock Off a shot and test your limits as you try to eliminate all cubes and enhance your skills. How far will you go??


  • Intense skill based mechanics
  • Lots of levels to play through
  • Creative levels, beautiful scenery
  • Intense soundtrack