Parrot Simulator

Parrot Simulator
What about seeing a word in the eyes of a parrot with the Parrot Simulator game? You will start the game as a parrot in a world where is full of wild predatories. There will be predatory birds which are ready to attack around of you and some other animals. The thing what you need to do is to complete the quests as a parrot over the map. When your parrot gets hungry, you can eat the foods around like fruits or other types which your parrot able to eat. After a few level later, you can find a partner for your parrot and you can have your own parrot family. You need level 6 to unlock secret location level. A super fun surprises await you with the Parrot Simulator game!

Move: "W,A,S,D"
Attack: "LEFT-CLICK"
Take off: "SPACE"
Jump/Fly Up: "E"
Down: "Q"
Hide interface: "H"
Lock/Unlock cursor: "L"