Defend Home Game

Protect your village from waves of incoming monsters in Defend Home! This casual web browser game is perfect for defending your precious cartoon village against the threat of monsters.

Place heroes along the path to your village, so they will attack any monster trying to get by. Combine heroes together and upgrade them to create stronger and better heroes to better protect your territory. As you fight off level after level of monsters, you can even take on more challenging boss monsters that will result in better loot. Completing missions will also result in more loot and rewards for players.

The better loot you have, the more you can spend on upgrades, better units, and advantages in your fight. Defend Home gives players the chance to use warriors, archers, and even dragons to plan out their strategies for the short but exciting levels. If you're looking for a casual but exciting tower defense game, look no further than Defend Home and start defending your village today!

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