Heroes Legend

Heroes Legend

Are you ready to join the biggest adventure with two legendary heroes to save captured princess in the great tower? You need to conquer 16 levels of the tower. You can unlock the upper levels by collecting the keys. You will have sword, axe, bow and arrow, and magical weapons while fighting monsters.

Both characters can climb the walls by jumping. You can earn 1 extra life by collecting 50 diamonds in game. In the final level, you will need to defeat the BOSS along with other monsters surrounding him. Don't forget to save the princess from dungeon at the end of the game!

Game Controls: 

Move: "W,A,S,D"
Hit / Shot: "F"
Jump: "W"
Switch Weapon: "Q"

Hit / Shot: "L"
Jump: "UP ARROW"
Switch Weapon: "U"

Game Features:

  • Story-driven multiplayer game mode.
  • Legendary graphics, sounds and sound effects.
  • Save feature lets you continue the game on the last level you were in.
  • Different monsters and a boss fight at the end!
  • From easy to hard gameplay.