Minecraft Tower Defense Game

As we do before, we keep presenting quality single player and two player games for the all flash game lovers! Well, we are confessing that we have found a superb tower defense game for you. This game may seem simple but do not believe mistakenly that. We are pretty sure that you will add this game to your bookmarks. Let's get started then!

After the game is loaded, click "START" button to proceed main menu. Click "START" button on main menu and then select the first level of the game to start to play.

Your goal is to protect yourself from zombies or harmful creatures which are going to try destroy your man's house and kill your game character.

First of all you should beat a path way to home. We suggest you to beat this path as long as you can because by this way you will have chance to destroy these creatures by placing your tower defenses on strategic points. After you beat the path, you can place your tower defenses onto green places, near of your path.

If you are ready to defense, click "SKIP" button and click "BEGIN WAVE" button to start the wave. If you think that the game is so slow, you can speed up it by clicking "SPEED UP" button.

You can upgrade your towers by paying some cost. To do that, click on tower which you want to upgrade and then click "UPGRADE" button. You can also place some kind of defense things on your road such as cactus, water trench, lava trench and TNT. We suggest you to not place TNT's near of your defense towers because TNT's may destroy your towers if it is so close.

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