Bump Battle Royale

Bump Battle Royale

We are presenting you another great game which can be played up to four player. Your goal is to try to push your opponents out of the platform and fall them down. The one who stands last, becomes the winner.

To play single, click on button which has single player icon on it in main menu. Then press "ENTER" key to select the player. You can play the game in three mode as "Last Stand Man, Campaign, Team Battle". Use "A" key to shift game mode, and make selection by "ENTER" key. Select a level and start to game.

To play by two player, click on button which has four player icon on it in main menu. To add player, press on "A,C,M,P" keys. Start game by "ENTER" key.

Controls of players:
1st Player:
Move: "A"

2nd Player:
Move: "C"

3rd Player:
Move: "M"

4th Player:
Move: "P"

You can pause the game by clicking on wheel icon located upper-right corner of the game screen and if you want you can go back to main menu.

Have fun!