Pheus and Mor

Pheus and Mor

Pheus have an serious accident and he stays in hospital. Before he wrecked, there was only one thing that Pheus dreams, it was embarking on an adventure with his dog Mor. He dreamed about an adventure in hospital where he stays and he prepared a game for you two player games lovers. Another awesome twosome game is awaiting for you on! Let's get started!

After the game is loaded, click "PLAY" button which is located on buttom of the game screen, to proceed main menu. Then click "PLAY" button on main menu to start to game.

Your goal is to get Pheus and Mor to exit door. You can unlock the locked doors by pressing red buttons with Pheus or Mor. To pass each level, you need to help each other in game otherwise you can not pass the game levels.

Game controls are as follows:
Move: "W,A,S,D"


To select a level on level select screen, press "S" button after you put Pheus in front of level door which you want to select.

Here is short information about the game; during the game, if you need to restart the current level, use "R" key to do that. With the buttons which are located on lower-right corner of the game screen, from left to right; with first button, you can restart current level, with the second one, you can mute the game sounds, by clicking third button you can mute the game music and with the forth button, you can go back to main menu or you can go to level select screen.

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