Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Superb strategy game continues with the second chapter. Prepare yourself for a long battle series! A "PLAY" button will appear bottom side of the screen by loading of the game, you can proceed main menu by this button. Click on "START" button on main menu and select a "NEW GAME" button you want to save your game. If there is a "NEW GAME" button you have saved before, you can click on it to continue your previous game. Select the difficulty of the game.

On level selection screen, you will see four section on lower right side of the game screen. From "Hero Room" you can upgrade your hero's features. On "Upgrades" section, you can upgrade every features of your army such as your archers or soldiers or wizards features. On "Encyclopedia" section, you can find anything you want about game.

Select the first level if it is your first time, specify the game difficulty and click on "TO BATTLE" button to start to game. Your goal is to defend your lands from enemy attacks by building defense towers. You can only build defense tower on marked places. Game is played by "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK".

While playing, you can use more damage by special powers located on lower-left corner of the game screen. By buttons located on upper-right side of the game screen, from left to right, you can open "Encyclopedia", you can pause the game, you can open options menu. Have fun!