Snail Bob 4

Snail Bob 4

Snail Bob who always finds a way to embark on an adventure, can not beat the adventure passion inside of him, is in space this time. Let's see what kind of adventure waits for us this time.

Proceed to main menu by clicking on "PLAY" button which appears on bottom of the game screen. After main menu appeared, click on "PLAY" button to proceed level select screen. You can start to game by selecting first chapter. Your goal is to get the Snail Bob to the exit door.

Game controls:

You can set the Bob's speed by using "1,2" buttons located on upper-left corner of the game screen. You can go back to main menu by "LEVEL MAP" button located lower-right side of the game screen and you can restart the current level by "RESTART" button near of level map button.

We wish you have fun!