Flappy Birdies

Flappy Birdies

Your dreams are becoming real about Flappy Bird's two player game mode. Flappy Bird's twosome game mode is meeting with twoplayergames.org's visitors. Get ready to join an exciting adventure with your buddy. Let's begin!

After the game is loaded, the game screen will proceed to main menu automatically. You can play this game in two different mode as single and two player. To play as single, click on "1 PLAYER" button. On "1 PLAYER" game mode, you can start to play by clicking on game screen or by pressing on "SPACE-BAR".

To play as two player, click on "2 PLAYER" button. You should wait three seconds to start to game. After you see "GO" on screen, you can start to game.

Game controls:
If you are playing as single, please use these controls:

If you are playing as twosome, please use these controls:
1st Player:

2nd Player:

On two player game mode, if one player fails, the other player continues the game. After players fail, score screen appears. You can make a quick start after you fail by pressing on "SPACE-BAR" key. If you want to go back to main menu, you can click on "BACK" button or you can press "BACKSPACE".

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