The Friends Escape

The Friends Escape

We present you a great game which is developed by being inspired from Fire and Water. This game is also great as much as Fireboy and Watergirl. The characters will need each other's help like in Fireboy and Watergirl game, in levels. You can play this game whether single player or two player.

After the game is loaded, click on "PLAY GAME" button and then select a game level. If it is your first time, you are going to start playing from the first level of the game. Your goal in this game is to get the characters to the exit door. Game controls are the following:

Move: "W,A,S,D"


Besides these controls, there is another control in this game which lets you to pass next level quickly, and that key is "SPACE-BAR". There are few dangerous thing that you should be careful; wheel, green liquids(acid), electrical current and sticks are just few of them. If you go into draft, it will carry you to top. In some levels, you should use teleportation platforms to reach exit door. Watch out for stairs of single use only.

The more faster you finish a chapter, the more point you get. By clicking on buttons located on upper right side of the game screen, respectively, you can restart the current level, you can go instructions menu and you can go back to previous menu. You can mute or unmute the game sound by clicking on buttons located on lower right side of the game screen. For the best two player flash games, please keep following us. Have fun!