Burnin' Rubber 5

Burnin' Rubber 5

Get ready to reach the peak of the fun of racing and battling with Burnin Rubber 5 XS game! The races within the game consist of circuit races. Seven enemies who are fully armed are waiting for you in the track. In each chapter, what you need to do is to get to the finish line by eliminating all of your enemies.

The game has;
- 20x different cars, tanks which have different powers,
- 8 different fire guns which you can install rear doors,
- 8 different fire guns which consist of missiles, mines or some kind of hook guns which you can install over the hood and twelve racing track.

On each race, if you can get to the finish line in the first place, you earn some amount of money. You can unlock new cars and weapons with this money. While racing, if you can grab power-ups like nitro-us, repair, and ammo, these will let you have an advantage over other players.

How to play?
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Fire rear weapons: "LEFT-CLICK"
Fire hood weapon: "RIGHT-CLICK"

Have fun!