Car Parking City Duel

Car Parking City Duel

This city is not only a car parking city but also a place where you can play car racing duels, car exploding adventures, car missions, and car drift quests. You can start any of these modes as in single player or in 2 player game mode.

How to play?

Player 1:
Move: "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW KEYS" - You can use "ARROW KEYS" in single player game mode only for Player 1.
Switch cam: "C"
Brake: "SPACE"
Restart: "R"
Look back: "T"

Player 2:
Switch cam: "K"
NOS: "O"
Brake: "P"
Restart: "U"
Look back: "L"

There will be a super fast 10 cars with you during this car simulator adventure. You should earn some money from the game modes, and so you can unlock these vehicles. Try to achieve your goal like parking your car at the marked place, exploding some amount of cars, or doing some drift points, etc. in the given time in each game mode. Besides these game modes, you can start a car driving adventure on a huge free map where you can try to drive your car in heavy traffic and where you can do great stunts. Let the adventure begin!

Have fun!