Crazy Gangnam Jump

Crazy Gangnam Jump

By his full name Park Jae-Sang, short and the name that you know PSY, whose song Gangnam Style which breaks ratings record. We have a great game for you to the accompaniment of Gangnam Style song. The dance which performs by south Korean musician to the accompaniment of song, you will do to the accompaniment of game. If you are ready to, let's begin!

Click on "PLAY" button to proceed to main menu after the game is loaded. You can play as single by clicking on "1P" button or you can play as twosome by clicking on "2P" button. Your goal is to reach the highest point by dancing. Game controls:

1st Player:
Jump: "W"
Move: "A,D"
Shoot: "S"

2nd Player:

You can get highest scores by collecting golds which are placed inside levels. Besides, you can have more health by collecting health power-ups. You can have six health at most. Avoid from spikes and birds, if you don't, they will fall you down. You can kill the birds by shooting. On twosome game mode, if a player dies, other player will continue the game as single.

During the game, by clicking on "REPLAY" button, you can go back to main menu and you can start a new game. You will need to use the same button when the game is over. Take your part inside of stormy Gangnam Style. Have fun!