Crazy Golf Fish

Crazy Golf Fish

 Have you ever played golf with fishes? We are sure you did not. On this two player game, you are going to throw your fish to hole which fish tank. Who reaches his fish to the hole first, who becomes winner. Make sure you aimed well and set your throwing power good. Let's throw these Crazy Golf-ishes to the holes!

When the game is loaded, the screen will proceed to main menu automatically. Click on "PLAY" button on main menu. There will be four different game mode as "1 Player Classic, Player Skins", "2 Player Classic, 2 Player Skins". On "Skins" mode, there will be just one difference from "Classic" modes, which is you are going to collect golds in each level and each gold you collect will effect your game score.

Game controls:
Aim: "MOUSE"
Launch: "LEFT-CLICK"

Before you throw your fish, make sure that you have enough power, you can set the launching power after you aim. On second click your fish going to fly the place where you aim.

During the game, you can mute the game music and sound by clicking on icons located on upper right side of the game screen. With "PAUSE" button, you can pause your game and you can go back to main menu.

Have fun!