King Rugni Tower Defense

King Rugni Tower Defense

King Rugni Tower Defense is a classic, yet very intense tower defense experience. You have lots of territories that you need to make yours and tons of enemies in your way. You will need to be a part of the king's army as you explore a variety of places and battle elementals.

As always, you will need to put a lot of towers to protect a location and make it your own. But it will not be easy, as enemies want that place for themselves too. So you need to do all you can and improve your defenses in order to win. This is an incredibly interesting and fun game with creative ideas.

King Rugni Tower Defense you always have a really interesting, exciting set of gameplay ideas. This is one of the games you do not want to miss if you love tower defense experiences.

• Great tower defense gameplay
• Very immersive and a lot of fun
• Unique, really easy to play