Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure is an exciting tower defense game. Your focus is to protect the base from enemy attackers using towers. You have a multitude of towers that will help- you protect your gems from being stolen. You play as the bad guy, a powerful overlord that uses forces of undead, demons and orcs to do his bidding.

How to play?

Your focus is to keep your base safe, and that means building towers along the road. Each one of the towers will shoot at the enemies, you just need to add it on empty tiles. Some of the towers stop enemies, others have continual attacks or they slow them down.

You can also cast spells in Cursed Treasure, these will help you throw meteors, boost the power of your towers or cut trees. These spells require mana and that will recharge over time. If you want to win you need to have at least a single gem left, if not more. Test yourself and try to boost your capabilities in a unique manner, you will be incredibly impressed with the gameplay and unique challenges in every level.

Test out your tower defense skills and play through unique levels as you challenge yourself every time. Play Cursed Treasure today!


  • Immersive tower defense gameplay
  • Numerous tower types to choose from
  • Access various spells
  • Increasingly difficult levels