Warlords: Call to Arms

Warlords: Call to Arms
Warlords are coming ahead on the battlefield to decide who is going to be the king of the lands! Call your arms as the lord of the valley and start battling on the battlefield. There are lots of land pieces that you will need to conquer during your adventure. You can do this battle against a friend in 2 player gaming mode if you want. Make sure you make your picks wisely on the battlefield. Strategy is one of the important things on the battlefield as well as powerful soldiers. Let's go!

Player 1:

Pick lanes: "W, S"
Switch between units: "A, D"
Spawn units: "SPACE"

Player 2:
Pick lanes: "UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS"
Switch between units: "LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS"
Spawn units: "ENTER"

Have fun!