Might and Magic Armies

Might and Magic Armies
Prepare your army! You are about to ride over the enemy armies on the battlefield with the Might and Magic Armies game! The black fog is all around the battlefield and you should avoid entering that area with your army. There will be powerful enemies around the map and you should avoid battling them. Try to create the most powerful and crowded army of all times!

How to play Might and Magic?

You'll start the game with a king which can be changed from the shop screen. Your goal is to find the lordless soldiers around and join them in your army. Some of the soldiers in the golden helmet are more powerful than the others, try to find them. According to your army score, you can fight against the other armies around. Try to find armies that have lower scores than yours. Each time you beat an army on the battlefield, one of your soldiers will evolve into a powerful soldier.

Game Controls:
Move: "MOUSE"
Special skill: "SPACE"

Good luck!