Bomb It Kart Racer Game

Prepare yourself to participate great races with the Kart Racer version of Bomb It. This game is not only a racing game but also it's a battle. It doesn't easy to win the races because your opponents will try to block you during the race. You need to do the same by collecting gift boxes on the road and use them on right time.

Game controls:
Single play:
Use item: "X"
Drift: "SPACE"
Reset: "R"
Pause: "P"

Two player mode:
1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Drift: "SPACE"
Use item: "E"
Reset: "R"

2nd Player:
Drift: "SLASH" From numeric keyboard.
Use item: "." From numeric keyboard.
Reset: "ENTER"

Have fun!

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