Hero Fighter

Hero Fighter

Your country is captured by bandits. All cities are burned and people are killed! You must help them as fast as you can. Prepare for being the hero of your country. Moreover you don't have to play alone. You can play with 2 players and 3 players at the same time. If you are ready click on "TRY THE GAME" and "START GAME" to start playing the game with the Hero Fighter!

Choose "STORY MODE" if you want to battle against the bandits and save your country or you can choose "VS MODE" to battle against your friend and show your power him. You can choose "BATTLE MODE" to establish a battlefield if you want to participate in a war. Key combinations:
Move: "2, 4, 6, 8" on numeric keyboard
Attack: "5" on numeric keyboard
Jump: "0" on numeric keyboard
Defense: "+" on numeric keyboard
Make A Command: "-" on numeric keyboard
Move: "W, A, X, D"
Attack: "S"
Defense: "F"
Make A Command: "R"
Move: "I, J, L, Comma"
Attack: "K"
Jump: "DOTT"
Defense: ";"
Make A Command: "P"

You can become more powerful by gathering the potion which comes when you kill the men. Moreover, when you save the man lying on the floor, they will start to help you too. Let's see will you be able to save your country? Adventure begins on Twoplayergames.org