Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting 2

Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting 2

What do you say about continue the adventure with your childhood hero? The adventure is in full spate with the hero who succeed at spreading fear his enemies with great fighting techniques. You can play the game as twosome if you want, with twelve different fighter. You can become the part of this adventure by selecting your fighter.

Click "START" button. Click "NEW GAME" button. If you played this game before, you can resume your game by following "CONTINUE" button. After you click "New Game", specify to difficulty of game. The options which are on bottom of the game screen, are "One Player, VS Mode, Two Player", you can determine the game mode. Choose your game character and then click "START" button to play.

Game controls are as follows:
1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Blast: "J"
Jump: "K"
Accumulate Power: "L"
Special Attack: "U,L,O"

2nd Player:
Blast: "1" On numerical keyboard.
Jump: "2" On numerical keyboard.
Accumulate Power: "3" On numerical keyboard.
Special attack: "4,5,6" On numerical keyboard.

Common special moves:
Sprint: Press the key which is for move left or right in sequence.

You can find the other chapters of Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting by making a search from search box on twoplayergames.org. Have fun!