Fighting Brothers

Fighting Brothers

Streets are full of gangsters and people can not walk around comfortably. Someone should say stop to these bad guys. Would you like to be that person? In this street fighting, there is no mercy, there is no forgiveness. There are only two things which are punching and kicking. If you are ready, let's begin!

When the game is loaded, click on "CLICK TO START" button to proceed main menu. Then, click on "START GAME" button and specify the number of player. After then you can start to game by selecting a level. Your goal in this game is to beat your enemies without ceasing. Game controls are the following:

1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Punch: "J"
Kick: "K"
Jump: "L"

2nd Player:
Punch: "1" (Numeric Keyboard)
Kick: "2" (Numeric Keyboard)
Jump: "3" (Numeric keyboard)

During the game, you can make special attacks with same key by making more than one hit. Flying kick is just one of them. If you play as two player, you play easier. At the end of each level, you will fight against boss. It will not easy to kill it as you think.

We will continue to present best fighting games to you with caution. Please do not forget to share this game's link with your friends. By this means, you can procure them to play this superb game. Have fun!